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I have some serious concerns about the 4x4 plan, though I admit that I have not studied it thoroughly.

Sounds like more work for teachers who are getting no raises. It also sounds like more homework for already overburdened students; highly motivated college-bound students are going to feel pressure to add another strong academic class to their load, and the reduction in instructional time per class will mean more homework to cover the material (especially for classes with terminal standardized test, like AP).

I'm not sure how that pie chart says 100% of principals are in favor. 20% were "compliant." And where did the high school principals fall into that graph? Were they the ones who were compliant? Or were they champions?

THAT would be meaningful information. Whether or not the principal of Scottsville thinks it's a good idea isn't nearly as meaningful to me as what Jay Thomas thinks.

And ditto what Dan said. It sounds like a a lot more work for teachers. But then, who in the Albemarle County Central Office ever really cares about teachers? Oh yeah, all the ones you forced into retirement last year when you made those cuts.

Tandy - Thanks for the clarification on the pie chart that some respondents could have been only 'compliant.' I guess I could have said 0% were 'unsupportive' or 'reluctant' to 4x4 block schedules, but I am a 'glass half full' kind of guy.

The School Board was not told which response was given by the three comprehensive HS principals. It is important to note that the presentation to the School Board was made by our two former principals of MHS and AHS (Billy Haun and Matt Haas) and both left me with the impression that they believe the positives outweigh the negatives and that they would support implementation next year, and not just for financial benefits, but for instructional benefits.

Brian Wheeler

I'm a glass half full kind of person, too, but not when it comes to spin, and that is spin.

(I support and respect you, Brian, so please don't take that personally.)

By the way, I know the 4x4 works well at Murray, so I'm not against it, though I do worry about continuity (a student who takes Spanish I fall of freshman year can't take Spanish II until spring of sophomore year, for example).

I have been a part of or watched the budgeting process in the ACPS for too long to believe that this year you are in any kind of position to make instructional benefits outweigh financial benefits in your decision-making, and that's not your fault. The economy bites. Please, just don't put on the disingenuous act. We are strapped; it's not our fault. But putting frosting on a brick doesn't make it a cake.

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