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1. Stop treating JV teams like second-class citizens. They are the foundations of future varsity programs. At MHS, their practices are the first canceled when poor weather moves teams indoors (could cancellations be alternated?); coaches are often underqualified (or not qualified at all); and fewer games are scheduled (MHS JV girls lacrosse played just five games last spring).

These athletes require MORE development and guidance than varsity players (who presumably have more experience under their belts), yet receive less.

2. Push harder to get Albemarle in a more travel-friendly district.

3. Offer coaches media training. With local media staffing at an all-time low, it takes some effort to get recognition for teams and athletes, but it can be done.

Establish clear guidelines on the inclusion of middle school players on the high school teams, and those guidelines should restrict the "playing up" of middle school kids. If the purpose of the high school athletics program is to provide our kids the opportunity to compete and enjoy the character development that comes with hard work and team endeavors while they are in high school, then we need to ensure that the high school kids get every chance to participate. Every time we let middle school kids take playing time in any of the high school athletic programs while denying that time to a high school student, we diminish that opportunity.

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