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Thank you Brian! We look forward to more years of leadership - and the pursuit of openness - provided by you on the Albemarle County School Board.

~ Larry

Keep up the leadership. It is much appreciated.


We have ended up on some opposite sides of certain issues, but I've got incredible respect for you. You've shown great leadership and fairness to all, and I wish you all the best in your re-election campaign.


I like the blog. Keep it up.

Please watch out for the overburdened taxpayers in the county (in addition to the educational *needs*, not wants, of our children). With virtually flat enrollment, I'm amazed at the capital budget requests that continue to come from the school system (for expansion). It's time to look at spending with a fine-tooth comb and for the county and school system to live within reasonable budget increases (to account for any increased enrollment and increased costs only).

Remember that more money doesn't necessarily correlate to a better education. In fact, the opposite is often the case.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement, support, and feedback. Brian Wheeler

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