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I also support a living wage. However I have this question:

In two years will 11.07 still be a living wage?

In two years, a living wage would likely be at some level ABOVE $11.07. That is why I recommended yesterday to the joint boards that we make the living wage assessment a part of our annual compensation strategy discussion each October. I recommended we 1) set a goal of having a living wage; 2) start a phase-in towards that goal by going to $9.75; and 3) use the methodology identified by the committee to calculate the living wage target each year.

The living wage initiative was killed yesterday when it failed to receive support from a majority of the Supervisors and a majority of School Board members (several of whom pointed out that their support was contingent upon the Supervisors providing necessary funding).

Our lowest wage for 2007-08 is now budgeted at $9.10. I will continue to ask that the living wage be calculated and I will seek support for a living wage again this October.

Brian Wheeler

Thanks for the clarifications.

I'm not surprised that it was killed. Virginia loves it's low cost labor and shame on them for it. Everytime I hear someone in business griping about not being able to find employees, I want to walk up and smack them because they're only offering a dollar or two above minimum.

This is supposed to be an area that is an oasis of liberal philosophy. I guess when it gets to the wallet that's where the lip service stops.

Unless it was a closed meeting, can you tell me how each supervisor voted?

Enjoy your blogs- keep it up.

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