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You bring up a valid point about the school site or more to the point the loss of the school site. That said, with the vote to move the library to the downtown location there is now the opportunity to resuse the old school or at least the site for a new school. I would point out that this fact was raised by the board during the discussion of the where the library would go. Obviously one of the problems is the board choose not to follow the Crozet Master Plan when they approved Old Trail at a density of over 100 percent of that found in the Master Plan. This decision had a ripple effect in as much as it causes an imbalance in the way the buiid out would occur. From calculations done by community members it appears that Crozet is now over the 12,000 population build out found in the Master Plan. The question now is how much will growth over and above the 12,000 number. For that reason it is my opinion that any further development should occur at no more then the by right development limit. I would point out that the county owns the land where the old school is, so there is no additional cost over and above either removing the old school or renovating it.


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