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It would be very useful if the documents describing the proposed changes to the ACPS Program of Studies, including the weighted GPA issue covered in the Daily Progress, gave reasons why each change is necessary. What problems are these changes designed to address? After reading the notes for the Steering Committee, and the 10/26/06 description of the proposed changes to the Program of Studies,attending an AHS PTSO meeting devoted to these changes and reading the blog comments on the ACPS website,I am still unclear about the need for these changes in our school system. I hope that the Steering Committee will be able to set forth a clear rationale for these significant changes on the ACPS website, other than just the direction from the School Board to review the Program of Studies.

Apparently, this change, along with ones to lower the grading scale and combine standard and advanced classes, all appear to be aimed at "eliminating the achievement gap". Of course, all these changes are doing is *lowering* standards such that the gap between high and low achievers is minimized. How unfortunate. Instead of maintaining high standards and trying to raise the performance of the underachievers, the county proposes to lower standards and remove incentives for students to excel. Can you believe the comment by Don Vale that eliminating the weighted GPA will motivate students to take a more challenging course load? Huh? By removing an incentive to take tougher courses (i.e., the potential for a higher GPA), they hope to encourage students to take them? Uh, this doesn't exactly make sense, does it? I sincerely hope School Board members reject these unnecessary and absurd changes, all of which are aimed at lowering the performance bar.

Are you going to post the 11/30 news article from "the Hook" about the Albemarle High School Information Session, in addition to the Daily Progress articles?

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