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As a life-long resident of the Crozet area, I do hope that when the school board discusses the redistricting of 'some' Crozet students to Brownsville, they will consider the long-term and not the short-term. Making small adjustments to the numbers helps neither school and the ramifications of looking at short-term fixes can be adverse to the children. I would hope that the board would consider the effect on the children when having to change schools. Simply moving 'some' ( few )kids as was proposed by previous advisory committee's was short-sighted for the area and hurtful to the children. No doubt, these children would have been caught up in a tweaking of the districts later on and have been shuttled back and forth as new redistricting plans were implemented. Since redistricting for next school year seems to be a done deal, I strongly encourage the board to make permanent decisions - not temporary fixes. Also, I would request allowing children currently enrolled to finish their years at their current school. That IS what is best for the children and that should be a number one priority when developing these plans. I believe this was advocated under a previous crozet redistricting plan. If the board is considering the children along with the best plan for the school, this should not be an issue. Do not make this only about numbers.

Brian, until the school growth issue is resolved, all new construction of homes in Crozet must be halted! It is ridiculous that the entire fifth Grade class at Crozet Elem is housed in trailers. Where are the morals of this board? The developers must be held accountable

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