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How can the public participate if, regardless of the intention, it can't know what happens in our public forums? Please find a way to continue the present form of minutes, and consider adding a pod cast of all sessions. Maybe there is someone willing to "edit" the "down time" in pod cast to compress time.

Thanks Allen for your encouragement. The good news is we ARE doing podcasts for all our meetings, as is the Board of Supervisors. Since we do not benefit from the cable TV agreement the City has, this is a good bridge until we get full TV coverage of meetings in the County, something I would support. However, the existence of a podcast is not a reason to cut back on the official written record, a format that offers many advantages to the public. Brian Wheeler

As a current Albemarle county resident and a parent of two pre-school children, I have a vested interest in our local public schools, and how important school-related decisions are made that affect the lives of area families and children. As citizens, we are expected to vote for representatives of the School Board; when minutes are "sanitized" and anonymized, we lose an important window into how board members function and contribute. Thanks to Mr. Wheeler for taking a stand on this issue. Hopefully the board will have the opportunity to reconsider this important, unfortunate decision.

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