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Do we have to have MORE fliers? End the paper flow, period. It's a waste of natural resources, staff time, and my energy (sorting and discarding multiple copies of everything)!

Anne - Thanks for commenting. I just wrote a lengthy post separately on this topic which addresses some of your concerns. The Principals seem to be on your side and have asked the Superintendent to recommend we eliminate all outside flyers. However, the average distribution is about 2 a week at the most, according to the data provided to the School Board. I know from going through my son's backpack Friday, ALL the flyers were school-related and they always far outnumber the outside organizations. But I hear you... I know it is work for our staff to sort and stuff. Our guidelines should be clear on the schedule for any submissions (i.e. don't bring us your last minute communications crisis) and that they should be doing the printing not you. Brian Wheeler

Brian, I totally agree with your view on the flyer issue. In order to not burden schools with extra work, outside groups need to be required to supply the fliers bundled and labled by class.

We have received interesting program information over the years through school fliers. From those fliers our kids have had many fun experiences.

If we are not interested, we have a recycle box.

Timelines for submissions and printing isn't the issue Ms. Pace raises in her letter. It's the instructional time used to pass out the information that is her concern. As far as averages go, they can be incredibly misleading, as well as meaningless to the teacher who rarely deals with the "average" number of anything. Whether it's two fliers one week and four the next, every minute of instructional time is valuable and should be treated as such. I want my students to end the day well organized with homework written down clearly, backpacks packed with what they need, and desks and materials prepared to get off to a successful the start the next morning. Some children need individual help with these tasks, which means they need my time and attention. They need a teacher, not a mailman.

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