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Brian, this is not a surprising result to your analysis. Several times during the redistricting process, myself and others pointed to the fact that the AHS school district was not in fact growing and that areas around Monticello and WAHS in particular were growing at a much greater rate. This is one of the reasons why an addition was constructed at Henley, which ironically the school board’s redistricting plan now grossly underutilizes. Yet school board members, yourself included, continue to think you have some sort of crystal ball and Nostradamus-like ability to analyze what is really happening in the County. I imagine that you and people of like thinking can continue to think that there is some sort of explosive growth that will eventually happen North on the Route 29 corridor. Yet your “crowd” irresponsibly ignores what is happening in the western part of the County by making a huge school even larger and creating disproportionate sized schools which will continue to have a detrimental effect on the two smaller schools. I cannot for the life of me figure out why the school board would not try and balance the high school sizes and resources evenly across the County but this is the exact lack of vision that will eventually have negative consequences for our school system. You and your cohorts need to stop listening to yourselves and spend more time focusing on the customer, not perpetuating flawed polices and pursuits.


Outstanding analysis. Thank you as always for actually looking at and speaking to the data.

Vic - I remember your view that we should be adding seats at Western instead of expanding and renovating Albemarle. You however have missed the boat on my growth analysis. I was the one arguing at multiple School Board meetings that the growth was in the West and NOT up 29N. You and I have the same view on the crystal ball... growth is West and South. I also pointed out when I voted in favor of adding seats at Albemarle that the staff's recommendation was that we should do so in part to receive future redistricted students. I know you do not support that rationale, but that was a key factor, in addition to the need to make general improvements to the facility for existing students.

The Henley expansion will be filled soon enough by growth in Crozet and it has been sized appropriately for Western, and yes Western may be the next HS to be expanded somewhat, we will have to see if MHS needs it first. When Sutherland was built, it also had a period during which it was under capacity until the growth from Forest Lakes came in fully. I don't have any regrets on my support of Henley or Albemarle's expansion. Thanks for offering your assessment of the issue. Brian Wheeler

Brian, it makes no sense to redistrict students out of WAHS into AHS to justify the AHS renovation and expansion...in the County's own analysis of where student growth was going to occur through 2010 and beyond, WAHS was the only high school to show any increase, which was significant, in capacity. It's one thing to say you supported the expansion of AHS to make it a better place for students and a more tolerable environment, but if the school board or you (I was only present for your vote supporting the AHS expansion and do not have the benefit of any of your comments or votes for expanding WAHS)really wanted to address the next capacity issue, it will be WAHS, not AHS.


Vic - I voted in support the last Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget which allocates funds towards BOTH the expansion of AHS and another high school (to be named, either WAHS or MHS). You can of course address capacity issues in a lot of different ways, and some require more redistricting than others. Hence the need for good redistricting policies and public involvement in the process. That is on our agenda for this week's meeting, so be on the look out for a posting soon about modifications to Policy FB. Brian Wheeler

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