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On the topic of middle school courses and equal offerings throughout the county, Henley Middle School students (in the advanced level) take their math class every other day (twice one week, three times the next) while every other middle school in the county offers it everyday. Being a math teacher at Western Albemarle, it disturbs me to know that the advanced math students we will be getting have only spent 50% as much time as all other incoming 9th graders in the county. I view this as a major discrepancy and I hope it will be addressed. As a father of a 4th grader, I have become more and more concerned with this issue and the increasing number of 6th graders being placed into an extremely accelerated math sequence that rushes them through pre-algebra curriculum and throws them into Algebra I in 7th grade which, up until a few years ago, only a handful, if that, were allowed to do. I have never been given a good reason (other than Dr. Castner thought it should be done) to justify this, and as a high school math teacher, I see absolutely no reason to place 6th grade students into such a track that would cause them to run out of math courses to take before their senior year in high school. (this is assuming they can stay on this track which many are not able to do so, putting them into another difficult spot.) I would be happy to discuss this further with you if needed. Chuck Witt

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