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Two comments jumped out at me from yesterday's HooK article (not yet online).

First - that Dr. Castner was not at the meeting. Who spoke on his behalf?

Second - that students will be bused to Henley that is 14 miles away, rather than Jouett, that is 4 miles away ... how is this not in clear contract to Dr. Castner's interest in "capacity and proximity"?

Sadly, it appears that yet again, money talks. Please correct me if I am wrong or misguided in my assumptions and conclusions.

Jim - Thanks for writing. As our Acting Superintendent, Dr. Pam Moran was at the meeting. Dr. Moran and staff are fully informed about Dr. Castner's views on redistricting and more than capable to represent him on this front. I didn't have any concerns about this.

However, the middle school change you mention is a clear problem with the proximity objective and I made that point in the
. While that is one of the only examples of proximity problems in the approved plan, it is a highly significant one and the plan lost my support as a result. Brian

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