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I would just like to point out to anyone that may not know it, we have an excellent candidate for Superintendent in our Assistant Superintendent for Instruction, Dr. Pamela Moran.

The most obvious point in her favor, of course, is that Dr. Moran has worked for many years with Dr. Castner and could continue to build seamlessly on the very positive trends established by his administration.

She also holds excellent credentials that include a D.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies that included a minor in gifted education. Her Masters in Education is in Curriculum and Instruction. Her undergraduate degree is in science.

The most important quality in Dr. Moran is that she is a visionary. She is a leader for the new millennium. She is an expert in motivating the people around her and in building a consensus in diverse groups. She can handle any problem with aplomb and grace.

Ms. Ramsey - Thanks for the comments on Dr. Moran. While you didn't ask, I thought I might offer a comment on our search process. To date we have received over 700 responses to our Superintendent criteria survey. We will finalize those results at our September 8th meeting and advertise them with the job announcement.

Also, the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the School Board have commented publicly on the question of why we are running a national search for a Superintendent, so I feel comfortable repeating their comments here. Basically, they point out 2 reasons for a national search: 1) Our community expects us to cast a wide net. Dr. Castner has laid the foundation for a world class school system. Our next Superintendent is going to make that dream a reality. The School Board's most important job is hiring a Superintendent and we are going to make sure we have a great set of candidates to choose from; 2) Should an internal candidate apply and be selected, with a national search they will know they were chosen from a very select group of highly qualified applicants. As a result, there will be little doubt in the Community or Staff's mind that they were the most qualified for the job. Brian

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