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I believe our schools need to urgently reevaluate the Health curriculum regarding binge drinking. Adults who graduated from college more than ten years ago simply do not realize the magnitude of this issue, unless they are the parents of college students who confide in their parents. We must begin to teach our students the difference between moderate alcohol use and life endangering alcohol use. Now.

Fay - Thanks for the suggestion. I'll start a new conversation on this one this week. Brian

Brian, I totally agree with these suggestions. I believe our kids need to hear this information from a variety of sources, not just parents. Binge drinking may be on the decline, but it is still a serious problem. I also believe the curriculum needs to include internet saftey and how prolific predators are out there. For the school system to not present these topics is, in my opinion, simply not preparing our kids for the real world.

Liz - Good sugegstion and thanks for getting this back on my agenda. I have started a new conversation on the subject of Internet safety. Brian

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